Stress Relief

Dr. Hales is trained in stress relief practices that can assist you in managing and overcoming the following:

  • Anxiety, Fear and Worry
  • Depression, Sadness, and Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Anger, Frustration, and Irritation
  • Emotional Eating and weight loss needs


Almost everything you do is programmed into your subconscious mind, and most of it happens without you even being aware of it.

Think about it: Every single movement you make is controlled by your unconscious mind, often without you having to decide to do anything.  Even as you read this page, you may be moving — at least slightly — and that movement is controlled by the subconscious mind.  As you let that sink in, consider that there are also other things in your life that are subconsciously continuing on autopilot.   Are they all positive things that lead to a better life for you? If not, isn’t it about time you take control and take action?

Offering you help with

  • Anxiety Reduction
  • Mood Stability
  • Impulse Control
  • Weight Release
  • Smoking Cessation

Dr. Hales is affiliated with the following groups

Certified by

  • The International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists
  • National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists
  • Member, The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis


Alpha-Stim(R) is a technology that is FDA approved for treatment of Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia.

Alpha-Stim(R) is a medical device used worldwide by psychologists, physicians, and other health professionals as an effective, non-medication based choice for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and insomnia.  Alpha-Stim(R) is employed in more than 90 American Veterans Affairs Medical Centers and in many Military Medical Centers in the United States.

Alpha-Stim(R) treats patients using Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES).  CES is a very mild electrical current (less than one-half milliampere) that is applied through earclips for 20 minute to 60 minute sessions.  The device is handheld and powered by just two AAA batteries.

Doctor and patient services reveal it has helped 90% of the patients who have tried it, and it is supported by over 95 completed independent research studies and published reports.

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