About Me

Scramboose.com is “The¬†Place to Come Before You Get Going!”

Discovery. Imagination. Hope. Trust. Development. Character. Optimism. These are qualities I delight in.  My professional work is informed out of my rich experiences as a mentor, psychologist, entrepreneur, professor, public speaker, educational researcher, and parent.

I have served on the adjunct faculty for the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Loyola University, and Villa Julie College, teaching courses in psychology, research, and counseling topics.

My professional goal is to inspire people to learn about themselves and methods for transforming. If you wish guidance on academic needs, career match, understanding about a learning disorder, you may contact me.

I mentor students and adults privately and lead workshops for students, parents, and educators

You can reach me directly at drhales@scramboose.com, or within the continental U.S. at 800-254-3926 or through Skype at the name: scramboose.

Shawn Hales, Psy.D., is a licensed Maryland Psychologist with a practice in Towson, MD (21204).