Career Match

Shawn Hales provides a unique evaluation of your abilities, interests, talents, coping, and personality traits to develop a Career Match. This process can be accomplished through in-person mentoring sessions, or through skype or phone contacts.

The Highlands Ability Battery is a online tool that captures your unique, work-related talents.  The Battery consists of nineteen different worksamples.
The function of the Highlands Ability Battery is to define each Ability and then to determine the patterns or “clusters” into which each person’s abilities fall. Armed with this knowledge, the individual is able to avoid stress and achieve satisfaction in his work

The Interest Inventory information provides seven broad areas of vocational interests and the related occupations and skills involved in different careers. These scales have a language to them that can open many other resources available through the federal government, library and internet sources.

The five-factor measure of Personality is intended to give you specific and broad descriptions of how you approach your work, relationships, education, and leadership. For most individuals personality traits tend to be very stable in adulthood. Unless you experience major life changes or make deliberate efforts to change yourself, this summary should apply to you throughout your adult life.

For more information, you may reach Shawn Hales at or in the continental U.S. at 800-254-3926 or through Skype at the name: scramboose.