The Highlands Ability Battery is the gold-standard among tools assessing human abilities or aptitudes. Developed from the pioneering clinical studies of Johnson O’Connor, it is a three-hour objective inquiry into the abilities and ability patterns of the individual who completes it.

The Battery consists of nineteen different worksamples. Each worksample is timed to measure the speed with which the individual is able to do a particular series of similar tasks. The individual’s score on each worksample establishes whether a particular task is more or less easy for that individual. Shown together on a personal profile and bar chart, the scores achieved by each individual reveal patterns or “clusters” of abilities which require analysis by a skilled interpreter. Once these patterns or “clusters” are understood, the individual is helped to guide his life and work into more productive and satisfying channels.

The Highlands Ability Battery is targeted for following groups:

  • high school and college students needing guidance in curriculum- and career-choices
  • individual adults seeking help with career changes and work crises
  • individuals and groups in corporations and public institutions

By interpreting and understanding the range of their talents, students are offered guidance in their curriculum and their career choices. Adults in transition are given insights into the work that will best channel their abilities. And groups in corporate and public organizations achieve profound and lasting improvements in productivity and other work-related measurements.

COSTS: For the 3 hour Highlands Ability Battery and the 2-hour feedback, the cost is $500.  For other groupings of surveys, please see the “Packages” tab at the top of the page.

Scramboose.com Highlands LogoDr. Shawn Hales offers career mentoring and consultation focusing on the use the Highlands Ability Battery.  If you are looking for a career mentor, contact Dr. Shawn Hales to schedule your assessment, or to find out more. Call  800-254-3926, or reach him with Skype at the name: scramboose.

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