What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?

drudge-report-ad-for-scramboose-with-phoneDecisions regarding college and beyond are perhaps the most complex, confusing and often costly decision that parents and students have to face.  Sometimes these decisions are made with little else to go on than “gut” feeling, grades and standardized scores. A student should answer…

  • What work/school environment is right for me?
  • What is my preferred problem-solving style?
  • What are my natural, innate abilities?
  • At what have I been successful?

Dr. Shawn Hales offers career mentoring, focusing on the use the Highlands Ability Battery.  If you are looking for a career coach contact Dr. Shawn Hales to schedule your assessment, or to find out more. Call  800-254-3926, or reach him with Skype at the name: scramboose.




A funny thing happened on my way to growing up–I picked up some odd words from my parents.  “Scramboose” was a word my father used frequently in my childhood home.  The  word usually erupted from a happy face, all screwed up with a silly smile.

It wasn’t until I was in my 40’s that I heard him say it again, and I became curious about it’s origins.  Apparently it’s a combination of the words “scram” and “vamoose”.  For me, it means “get going” or “get moving”.

As a professional, the word scramboose is a perfect one for how I try to help people.  It has a joyful, positive connotation for me.  It’s goofy, irreverent, and at the same time hopeful. It’s the thing I want to say to those who are a stuck in their life context, and who are longing to get unstuck.

Scramboose.com is a site I’m designing to help people “get going.”

My blog posts are musings about life that I hope will serve to  motivate you to get going on your goals, to deepen your self-understanding, and to be more mindful of your strengths and needs.

I also link you to online surveys with results that can educate you about emotional and psychology topics.

Finally, you can contact me for personal mentoring with your academic and life goals.

I hope my posts, links, and services will strike a cord with you and will help you scramboose!